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Clarey-Tee [userpic]
A rage against sexual objectification and exoticisation.
by Clarey-Tee (ninjageishagirl)
at November 1st, 2006 (09:21 pm)

Dear asshole,

Number one: do not try to catch my attention by saying "Hey, hey, Asian girl." BEING ASIAN DOES NOT MAKE ME SPECIAL, DIFFERENT OR EXOTIC. IT SIMPLY MEANS I AM A LITTLE BIT YELLOW AND MY WESTERN-MADE GLASSES DO NOT STAY ON MY EASTERN-MADE NOSE. It is completely inappropriate for you to use it as a way to address me. You would not address a white woman as "white girl", now, would you?

Cut for strong language.Collapse )

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Jimmy Richards [userpic]
Members of the anti-race
by Jimmy Richards (jimmyjay1080)
at October 15th, 2006 (01:09 pm)

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Ok, this is where I destroy the entire group with philosophical pish straight from my barely awake mind. I apologise to anyone who finds this dreadfully dull...

What is race anyways?

I have white skin. All my family has white skin. Does that make me white? Then why has everything bad that's ever happened to me been at the hands of a white person? A white guy hit me in the head with a chair in 1st year. A white kid made my primary school life a living hell for 7 years. White kids keep shouting "Oh My Goff!" at me and my friends whenever I walk through the halls in school. So much for white supremacy, eh? (by the way, white supremacy in itself is a pish concept, so there!)

Why do we constantly label people cause of the colour of their skin? It's pish (can you tell I love the word pish yet?)and boring. Can we not, at the very least, label them for something a little bit more interesting? "Oh no, you can't talk to him, he's a Gemini! Geminis and Virgos don't hang out together!". Why not? Why are we blinded by colour like it's a concrete status? I mean, looking at the different colours that Michael Jackson has been in his life, you'd think that it was as easy to change your race as it is to change your socks (bad analogy, sorry).

Maybe we all act a certain way because of our skin colour. Oh wait, no we don't! Right now there's a guy living at the end of my street, who is "white", and I don't have a single worthwhile characteristic in common with him (except, of course, for species and the fact we both wear specs).

In my opinion, the minute people stop classifying themselves as a race will be the same minute that we lose a lot of our problems when it comes to racial discrimination. In fact, we won't even have "racial discrimination", unless we want to discriminate between cyclists and runners (cyclists win, hands down). There would be no black history month, or white supremacy punk, no National Front and no Rock Against Racism, no "black", no "white", nothing.

Rant over. Sorry if I talk pish, it's a habit, and I was bored, tired and needed food.

robidee obidee [userpic]
Beth Hershberger fears this community.
by robidee obidee (robidee)
at October 14th, 2006 (12:41 am)

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I belong to a coven of cousins, which includes Jillian, Bonnie, Jeffrey and, of course, me.
FUN FACT: Jeffrey and I decided to upgrade our pack to "coven" after watching The Craft repeatedly during a feverish, badass week a few summers ago.  And, since each witch of a coven represents a direction (as Jeffrey tells me, but then, he tells me a lot of things), I may as well add that Jillie is North, Bonnie is East, Jeffrey is South, and I am West.
Plus, umm, that's our birth order.  Jill and Bon are twenty, Jeffrey is going to be eighteen on the 27th of this month, and then exactly three weeks later (DOWN TO THE MINUTE) I turn eighteen.  What fun!  Blardy blar.
So that's the background or sommat, just another excuse for me to rabble nostalgically.  I do so often.
Anyway, since we're older we don't see each other so much, but the bond is incredible, I love them buttloads, etc., etc.
This  is the piece where I begin to relate to the topic at hand.
Jillie and Jeffrey are the products of a beautiful interracial relationship between my aunt Carol (mum's sister) and my uncle Kenny, who as it turns out is a crazy, shitty, gambling-addicted parent, but for chrissakes, he produced a couple of beautiful kids so at least he's got that going for him.
They've gotten used to people calling them "milano," meaning "mullato" which I'm not sure is even politically correct anymore, but they take it with a grain of salt and refer to themselves as cookies.  Also, one time my aunt said "I'm like an Uh-Oh oreo.  White on the outside, black on the inside."  So again with the cookie bit, and that's pretty damn clever of her if you ask me.
So stuff like this happens.
Jeff and I went to a Renaissance Fair(e) a year or two ago, and we were watching the jousting.  The good knight of the match came out, and he was announced as "Jeffrey, the Black and White Knight!" because those were the colors of his crest and garb.  We had a brain fusion then, and then we guffawed for a bit and went back and forth with "Hey, that's you!" and "Hey, that's me!" and then we guffawed some more.  Our other aunt Laureen was there, too, and she walked up on us laughing and probably thought we were high out of our minds on maypole or some such, but we explained and she rolled her eyes and there was a fond "Oh you boys" moment.  More guffawing ensued.
Digression: On the way home, Jeffrey and I were playing I-Spy, and Jeffrey said "I spy... something artificial."  We had another brain fusion and I said "Reenie's hair color?" and he said "Yes!" and anyway, what's the point there?  We're bad people.  That.
Anyhoo, these are our dynamics and thoughts toward bi-racial/interracial existence, and it's just never been... anything, at all, that divides or complicates our relationship.
Then there are bad things, like us being kids and playing at the beach and then all of a sudden being attacked with sand and pebbles and "salt and pepper, salt and pepper!" and then those kids run off but we don't feel so much like building that sand castle anymore.
And Jeffrey walking home from middle school, because kids on the bus are calling him an afro whore, and then after they make a point to find him and pass him on their bikes and hurl the same slurs at him, driveby style.
Also who could forget that time that we went to a school dance (forgive us, it was middle school) where Pam says "Wow, Robin's cousin is hot!" and Beth responds, "He's black!"
Note: This is also the girl who told me dinosaurs never existed, the Holocaust didn't happen (I said Yea, Hitler threw a party for the Jews, that's what), that I am going to hell because a. I was a member of the gay-straight alliance (president my junior year, yee hee hee hoo hoo), b. I am pro-choice, c. I am "anti-America, pro-terrorist" (which, when put through the sanity translator means "I am anti-Bush and question our government"... then again, I didn't help matters by telling her [SARCASTICALLY] "I think terrorism is funny."), d. I am agnostic and do not believe in "God," and e. I'm prettier than her and she's just jealous.  Oh, right, I'm faggy, too.
Fucking ridiculous.
Just sharing, I suppose.  I wish I could disseminate wisdom, but I just don't know.
There are KKK rallies in Connecticut, rarely, because lucky for me I live in the Northeast which is geographically the right side of our country but in (political) theory, the Left of the U.S. 
Sometimes I'm banned from watching the news, and I am currently banned from the A&E, which is neither artful nor entertaining, really, but they have some in-depth documentaries of white supremacy that get me worked up to a homicidal level.
For serious, I do consider making my "life's work" carrying a pistol, going to the South to attend rallies and fairs and shit, lure people into the woods and then plant bullets in their heads.
I want to say that every life is precious, but that's not true.  There are people the world could do without.
This all said, I don't want to play god.  I'm just fucking pissed.  Like you, which is why you joined this community.  Or created it, if you're Clare.
That's that for now.  I could go on, but I'll spare you all.
Time being.
FUN FACT: when we were small, we made up superhero personas.  Ironically, Jeffrey was White Lightning and I was Trinity Raven.  And who am I kidding.  That was like, four months ago.

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