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A rage against sexual objectification and exoticisation.

Dear asshole,

Number one: do not try to catch my attention by saying "Hey, hey, Asian girl." BEING ASIAN DOES NOT MAKE ME SPECIAL, DIFFERENT OR EXOTIC. IT SIMPLY MEANS I AM A LITTLE BIT YELLOW AND MY WESTERN-MADE GLASSES DO NOT STAY ON MY EASTERN-MADE NOSE. It is completely inappropriate for you to use it as a way to address me. You would not address a white woman as "white girl", now, would you?

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Members of the anti-race

Ok, this is where I destroy the entire group with philosophical pish straight from my barely awake mind. I apologise to anyone who finds this dreadfully dull...

What is race anyways?

I have white skin. All my family has white skin. Does that make me white? Then why has everything bad that's ever happened to me been at the hands of a white person? A white guy hit me in the head with a chair in 1st year. A white kid made my primary school life a living hell for 7 years. White kids keep shouting "Oh My Goff!" at me and my friends whenever I walk through the halls in school. So much for white supremacy, eh? (by the way, white supremacy in itself is a pish concept, so there!)

Why do we constantly label people cause of the colour of their skin? It's pish (can you tell I love the word pish yet?)and boring. Can we not, at the very least, label them for something a little bit more interesting? "Oh no, you can't talk to him, he's a Gemini! Geminis and Virgos don't hang out together!". Why not? Why are we blinded by colour like it's a concrete status? I mean, looking at the different colours that Michael Jackson has been in his life, you'd think that it was as easy to change your race as it is to change your socks (bad analogy, sorry).

Maybe we all act a certain way because of our skin colour. Oh wait, no we don't! Right now there's a guy living at the end of my street, who is "white", and I don't have a single worthwhile characteristic in common with him (except, of course, for species and the fact we both wear specs).

In my opinion, the minute people stop classifying themselves as a race will be the same minute that we lose a lot of our problems when it comes to racial discrimination. In fact, we won't even have "racial discrimination", unless we want to discriminate between cyclists and runners (cyclists win, hands down). There would be no black history month, or white supremacy punk, no National Front and no Rock Against Racism, no "black", no "white", nothing.

Rant over. Sorry if I talk pish, it's a habit, and I was bored, tired and needed food.
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